I’ve been writing quilting books for 28 years! I was so fortunate to get the idea for Happy Endings and be brave enough to search for a publisher. Did you know that it was rejected by another publisher first? Lesson…don’t give up!

I’ve loved working with That Patchwork Place/ Martingale and Company for all these years. There’s been changes in the company, of course, and I’ve worked with different editors, but we have always had a great relationship. I always love the challenge of working with deadlines and watching it all come together. Each new book is a thrill!  I’ve learned to speak up when I really feel strongly about something ( usually something on the book cover!) and not sweat the smaller things!

Any time someone asks me what my favorite book is, I can’t just answer with one title. I love Happy Endings because it started everything. I love the Baltimore titles, of course. Pink Ribbon Quilts has a special place in my heart, and the Smithsonian books were amazing. The Quilters Diary and Favorite Applique Quilts are so personal. See….I love them all!

Martingale is celebrating with gold stickers for the books at TQHF! They have also donated books…..if you are coming along, I hope you get one! 



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