Have Fun!

Two years ago I went to a dinner the night before my son Ryan became an IronMan in Florida. IronMan is a long day of swimming, biking, and running for 140.6 miles. For Ryan, it took 12 hours! It was an amazing event! One fun thing about that dinner was that, in among all the athletes, there was a quilter at my table! 

Another thing I remember very clearly was a speaker who challenged the athletes, saying they had trained long and hard for this race, it’s what they love, it’s their passion…..so go out and have fun! As he said that, I thought about my quilter friends, our workshops, our retreats, our guild meetings, our quilt shows. Yes, we could quilt for 12 hours!

So here I am, the night before leaving for TQHF…..I’m ready! The quilts are packed for the exhibit! My students’ quilts are out there! All the paperwork and details are done. My clothes are packed! It’s time to have fun and enjoy the week ahead! Exactly one week from tonight is the induction dinner!

Have you ever seen the little numbers on cars? IronMan is 140.6. Marathons are 26.2. Here’s mine……. This quilter doesn’t swim, bike, or run, but I hope you have enjoyed the countdown to 0.0 in my blog for the past two months….it’s time to have fun!



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  1. Maureen Craig

    I have loved following your blog and preparations for QHF. I wish you safe journeys and tons of fun. Thanks for all you have given to us, your students, for your amazing books, and for your dauntless positivity.

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