Induction Dinner

What a great night! I absolutely loved the room decorated with multicolored balloons! To me they represented all of the different people that came to celebrate with me….my family, friends, quilters, neighbors, bridge club, just an amazing group! I was so afraid I would forget to mention someone, so I told them to pick a color and that was my thank you especially for them!

I wasn’t going to cry….I wasn’t going to cry…but I was so touched by the fun and wonderful things people said. My brother John read the dedication to my Happy Endings book…he wrote it 25 years ago! Bob proved that he knew how to talk quilters talk! I realized that my sons “got it” when they each mentioned my wonderful community of quilters and friends. And Julia talked about making a quilt with me! I wasn’t going to cry…..

But I did….and it was truly wonderful! Julia told me she was a purple balloon… to all of you who make my life so colorful….Thank you so much!



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2 responses to “Induction Dinner

  1. Maureen Craig

    And a tear came in reading this. So very happy for you Mimi. And happy for all of us who you have enriched. Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. ~Kay Butler

    I was so honored to be a part of this wonderful event! Thank you for the many ways that you have inspired us!

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