The Hall of Fame Express!

Many many thanks to Kay Campbell who organized the Hall of Fame Express, gathered the Flock together, and made it possible for 50 friends and quilters to come to Marion Indiana for lots of fun! 

When I first talked to Kay, we were just talking about a bus trip. She turned it into an adventure with great tote bags, special name badges, wrist bands for riding the bus around Marion, cute pins, door prizes, and just lots of fun! My friends who are not quilters felt like part of the quilting group and smiles were everywhere!

I rode home on the bus! I didn’t want the adventure to end! For the first hours, it just felt great to sit in one spot. But later I walked around the bus and had fun talking with everyone about the fun they had.

I got a wonderful note from a quilter in Marion saying that she enjoyed getting to know me, my family and ALL of my friends. Thank you to everyone who shared my journey. What a fabulous Celebration!



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  1. Such a wonderful time! I hope I get to take a class from you sometime in the near future.

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