Show and Tell

Norma and I have been the hostesses for Show and tell at Quilt Odyssey for sixteen years! This year, we offered to take the show on the road to Indiana too! In honor of The Hall of Fame, we wore baseball caps, black and orange shirts for our hometown team, the Orioles, and some sparkly bling!

We sang Take Me Out To The Quilt Show, told a travelling story, tossed fat quarters of fabric into the crowd, and in the tradition of the Orioles, spelled out QUILTS with a fun cheer! This is a photo of the two of us making the letter S…..note that we each have a different idea of what S looks like…..there were lots of laughs by then!

For the last few years, we always end by singing Taps in Girl Scout style. It’s a sweet quiet moment after lots of fun, and we love it!



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  1. Marty Miller

    You are amazing!

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