Amazing Horoscope!

This past month I have been getting ready to start some new classes, just catching up with things, and making sure I keep special mementoes from The Quilters Hall of Fame in a special place.

So I found my horoscope that was in the paper on my birthday this year….keep reading!

The word “Flock” isn’t a word that I use very much. But this summer  “Mimi’s Flock” was the bus trip theme! Here’s a photo of the front of the t-shirt…….

 And here’s the front of the tote bags…… 

 And my amazing horoscope from my birthday! 

 It’s been a great summer with Mimi’s Flock!




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3 responses to “Amazing Horoscope!

  1. Amazing horoscope – amazing flock! How can I find out where you’re teaching????

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