HOF Tour….Day Three

And on the third day we arrived at our personal favorite HOF….The Quilters Hall of Fame! 

I just wanted to be in the house one more time with my quilts hanging there. It’s an amazing feeling to see them in the galleries.

It was a fun two days, just being there again and visiting with Deb, Tina, and Debi. We had ice cream, ate dinner at a fun restaurant, and I taught a Saturday workshop for the Marie Webster Quilt Guild. After the workshop, we took my quilts down so that I could bring them home. 

We left the house ready for a new exhibit…..of modern quilts! It’s been a fabulous summer. On our way home, we drove ten hours from Marion Indiana to Baltimore with a car full of quilts. We stopped at Starbucks in the late afternoon and the young barista saw my “quilty” shirt. She told me she is taking a quilt class starting this week. It made me feel so good to meet a young woman excited about starting her first quilt!


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