All that Play Pays Off!

OK… several of the last posts were about playing with fabric. I can admit it now that I was really wiped out after the fabulous Quilters Hall of Fame Celebration last summer. I didn’t pick up a needle and thread to Applique until February!

In February I needed to get ready for the Academy Of Applique in Williamsburg. My teaching project was a fun little quilt with four blocks, each having the same shapes…great for beginners! I was ready, the class was at the beginning of March, I had a fabulous time, and when I got home, I was a changed woman! The needle felt good in my hand again, the thread was smooth and beautiful, and my silver thimble was ready to stitch!

So here’s what I have been doing this March……. 

I finished stitching the four blocks from The Academy! The borders are done too, but I’m saving them for a border class before I stitch them on!

And, wait! There’s more! 

I finished three blocks from my year-long class that I used as samples for back-basting! Whoo-hoo! There’s one more block almost done, but I just don’t think it will be finished by the end of March (tomorrow!) and I really really wanted to write a post this month!

So… works! It really does! If you just can’t get into a project, pick up something else and PLAY! And then when you are ready, pick up your project each day and work on it for five minutes! Surely that five minutes will turn into more, but it’s that starting point that gets you going! You just never know what you can accomplish!


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2 responses to “All that Play Pays Off!

  1. Play is good! I’m getting ready to start a project from one of your books soon. I’m scared to start, so I put it on my UFO list for our Guild Challenge. Soon. . . . . . .


  2. It works over and over again. While I was dealing with neck pain issues, I decided to just dye fabric when I could not sew. Finally, I could sew more and I now have over 100 pieces of dyed fabric.


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