History Now

We are living in history right now. We are responding by staying home, while some people are working from home, some are essential, and some are protesting. Gatherings have been cancelled, schools are closed, graduations are taking place in very creative ways. After being closed since March 13, shops are starting to open up. It’s important to document this…by writing, photographs, art, and in any way possible.

I always loved hearing stories and seeing photos of women finding a place in history by talking care of others, as nurses or by making fabric bandages for hospitals.. and of course, Rosie the Riveter. Who knew that quilters and the sewists would be on the front line of this pandemic making masks! The Maryland Historical Society is gathering Letters from the Homefront to document everyday stories about our life during this time. Early in April, I made some masks and wrote about it. This morning MdHS used my story on their Facebook page.

“When life gets tough, quilters often react by doing what we love…we love to sew. I’ve been sewing all morning, and as I sent fabric under the needle of the sewing machine, it occurred to me that this is really a picture of what prayer looks like. Hugs and prayers to all the nurses, doctors, medical personnel, patients, and caregivers out there. May you all know how much we appreciate you as you wear your masks.”


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