Do The Next Thing…..

Last week I was in the middle of everything…..celebrating the flag…..making quilts…..organizing a new class….writing quilt directions…..packing stuff…..putting things in zip lock bags…..being on the phone for too long….going to two quilt guild meetings…..getting a haircut…..not to mention eating …..and thinking about cleaning the bathroom!

So one day on Facebook this wonderful message came from my friend Fran. She’s a realtor, a really good one, and we have been friends since our fun adventures in college. Her message didn’t come with a fancy photo or beautiful image. It simply said….

Do the Next Thing….not Everything.

So I want to thank my friend Fannie for words of wisdom that helped me survive a very busy week….just do one thing at a time, when you finish that, there will be time for the next thing.

No fancy image or photo needed today,
Fannie’s friend Minnie


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One response to “Do The Next Thing…..

  1. JoAnn

    Wise words, indeed!

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